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I love, love, love your wines. Hubby and I come out to PA a couple of times a year and we make a stop all the time to restock....and I always seem to find something unique in the little 'gift' shop too! :-)

Greetings, I LOVE your website, philosophy and energy!

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Working Girl Wines & Their Stories

Working Girl WhiteWorking Girl Wines
Multiple Gold Medal Wine

Our Signature Blend of 60% Chardonnay & 40% Riesling... will ease the crankiness and stress of a long day in pantyhose and pumps (not that we subject ourselves to either of those devil-spawned aberrations). This “sassy little number” will surprise you -- medium bodied, crisp, a floral blend that offers aromas of apples, tropical fruits & flavors of pears, sweet herbs and honey. Off-dry.

Kathy identifies with this character. Often seen wearing a hat due to "lazy hair day" syndrome, she enjoys the glass of wine or her favorite G&T with friends after a long day in the cellar.

Go Girl RedGo Girl Red
Silver Medal Winner

A lush little number that is approximately 80% Merlot, 16% Lemberger with about 4% magic that is our winemaker's blending secret. Silver Medal Winner in Houston.

This "Spunky" wine is tamed by its sensuous, velvet finish. We've often said it has the power to turn a gunnysack into velvet!

The style of Working Girl Wines is soft and smooth, easy drinking without a lot of tannins and oak. It was made especially to express the fruit and the softness of these grape varietals.

Lovely fruity aromas drifts up from your glass as you swirl and sniff in anticipation.
Then with your first sip you taste bright racy fruit including black berries, sweet vanilla and spice.

Rosé the RiveterRose The Riveter

Rosé wines sometimes take a bum rap. There are different styles to every wine and grape. A true Rosé wine is crushed and the wine sits on the grapes skins for about 24 hours. This short contact with red grape skins gives the wine a rainbow of light red colors depending on the grape.

Our Lemberger Rose, a.k.a. Rosé the Riveter, is a beautiful raspberry color. It is semi-dry, and the little bit of sweetness is balanced by the natural acidity in the wine. The two compliment each other making this one of my favorite wines. We say this isour 5 o'clock wine... and we join our guests at the bar for a sip or three.

This semi-dry Lemberger wine is made in the classic rosé style with grapes from the prestigious Paul Champoux vineyards (Eastern Washington). Rosie just rocks and will change your mind about rosé wines forever.

This wine presents a brilliant raspberry color and a nose full of red current, raspberry and cherry.

All this fruit explodes in the mouth with an evolution to the fullness and a perfect balance between acidity and a titch of sweetness. Long fruit finish

Handyman RedHandyman Red

Rich, full-bodied blend of about 75% Cabernet Sauvignon and 25% Cabernet Franc. Red ripe fruit, mocha and toast abound on the nose with a strong rich finish and ripe integrated tannins.

The last wine in the Working Girl series was requested (demanded) by men at our bar, wanting a Working Girl’s "Guy" wine.



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